IOCS-2019 Training Workshops

Two training workshops will be offered free of charge prior to the IOCS-2019 meeting, both of which will take place on Monday 8 April 2019 (9 am – 5 pm) at the Haeundae Grand Hotel (same venue as IOCS-2019). You must first register for the IOCS-2019 meeting in order to receive the links to register for these courses.

  • Training Workshop 1: Using the Copernicus Marine Data Stream for Ocean Applications
  • Training Workshop 2: SeaDAS Training

These courses  will have limited capacity (20 participants per course) so please register early to avoid disappointment.  Please only register for one course, as they run concurrently. If your plans change and you are unable to attend the training session at the last minute, please inform the organisers.

Using the Copernicus Sentinel-3 Marine Data Stream for Ocean Applications

This training course will introduce participants to the latest satellite data available through the Copernicus Marine Data Stream from EUMETSAT, part of the European Commission Copernicus programme. Daily, Level-1 and Level-2 ocean colour, sea surface temperature, and altimetry data will be covered. The training will include practical sessions on data access, visualisation and analysis using the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) and python programming language. The training will comprise of a few formal lectures to supplement several practical sessions where participants can explore the data and tools appropriate to their own levels of experience. Participants will also have the opportunity for one-on-one discussions with the trainers to develop their individual work flows to use satellite data for their own applications and regions of interest. Participants with a range of experience are welcome, however they should have some familiarity with the underlying principles of marine Earth observation data, and be intending to use this data in future work.

The training is limited to 20 participants who will be selected based on their motivation for using Sentinel-3 data in their current and/or future work. Training is free of charge and will be delivered in English. Participants will be expected to bring their own laptops and install relevant software prior to the course. Once you have completed registration for the IOCS-2019 meeting you will receive a link to register for this course.

SeaDAS Training

SeaDAS is software developed by NASA that enables users to process, visualize, and analyze remote-sensing data. SeaDAS continually evolves to support new satellite missions, as well as to add and refine tools to meet users needs. This one-day course presents an overview of the capabilities of SeaDAS along with presenting live demonstrations and workflow examples. The course is an opportunity for participants to interact directly with developers of SeaDAS.  It is open to beginners, as well as more advanced users who may have questions regarding how to use SeaDAS to accomplish their specific goals and interests. Although not a requirement, participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops with the latest SeaDAS version installed. This is an evolving course and the latest material is posted on the SeaDAS website. The SeaDAS Forum is also a good user resource.

Once you have completed registration for the IOCS-2019 meeting you will receive a link to register for this course.