Monday May 06

Morning Plenary

Plenary Reports

Keynote Address 1

Splinter 1: NASA Ocean Colour Research Team (OCRT) meeting

Splinter 2: Advances in Atmospheric Correction of Satellite Ocean-Color Imagery

Splinter 3: Geostationary Ocean Colour Radiometry

Splinter 4: Multi-Agency Data Sharing

Reports from Splinter Sessions

Tuesday, May 07

Keynote Address 2

Splinter 5: Operational Ocean Colour Data in Support of Research, Applications and Services

Splinter 6: In Situ Measurement Protocol Revision for Cal/Val

Splinter 7: International Training and Outreach

Splinter 8: System Vicarious Calibration

Keynote Address 3

Splinter 9: Climate Variables and Long Term Trends

Splinter 10: Phytoplankton Community Structure from Ocean Colour

Splinter 11: Satellite Data File Formats and Tools for Easy Science Exploitation

Splinter 12: Satellite Instrument Pre‐ and Post‐Launch Calibration

Wednesday, May 08

Keynote Address 4

Agency Reports

Keynote Address 5

Reports from Splinter Sessions

General Discusson

Follow-on Workshops from the 2013 IOCS Meeting