Third International Ocean Colour Science Meeting
Lisbon, Portugal, 15-18 May 2017

The third International Ocean Colour Science (IOCS) meeting was held from 15 to 18 May 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal, followed by two training events on 19 May 2017: a Copernicus marine data stream training event and a SeaDAS training event. The meeting was convened by the International Ocean Colour Coordinating Group (IOCCG) in partnership with, and thanks to sponsorship from, EUMETSAT, ESA, the European Commission, NASA, Thales Alenia Space and Airbus, and with local support from the Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA). The programme for the IOCS-2017 meeting included invited keynote lectures, agency talks, several breakout workshops, community discussions, NASA, Copernicus & VIIRS town halls, and poster sessions. All submitted abstracts were presented as posters.

The overarching theme of IOCS-2017 was “Exploring New Capabilities for Global Ocean Colour Observations” with the overall goal of nurturing a strong global user community for ocean colour science and applications, and fostering exchange between the ocean colour research community and international space agencies with an interest in ocean colour science.