2019 International Ocean Colour Science Meeting
Busan, South Korea, 9-12 April 2019

The fourth International Ocean Colour Science (IOCS) meeting will take place from 9 to 12 April 2019 in Busan, South Korea. The meeting is being convened by the International Ocean Colour Coordinating Group (IOCCG) in partnership with, and thanks to sponsorship from the Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST), NASA, EUMETSAT and Airbus .

The primary focus of the IOCS meetings is to serve as a venue for the ocean colour community to communicate their views, ideas, concerns and issues with the satellite agencies. The programme for the IOCS-2019 meeting will include invited keynote lectures and agency talks as well as a special session dedicated to ocean colour remote sensing in Asian waters. Several breakout workshops will be included along with poster sessions and community Town Halls. The NASA Ocean Color Research Team (OCRT) meeting is scheduled to take place on 8 April, 2019, prior to the IOCS-2019 meeting.  Other side meetings and training events will also be scheduled.

The overarching theme for IOCS-2019 is “Fostering International Collaboration in Multi-Scale Ocean Colour Science and Applications” with the overall goal of nurturing a strong global user community for ocean colour science and applications, and fostering exchange between the ocean colour research community and international space agencies with an interest in ocean colour science.

Scientific Planning Committee

Organising Committee

  • Young-Je Park – KIOST, South Korea
  • Wonkook Kim – KIOST, South Korea
  • Cara Wilson – NOAA-NMFS, USA
  • Bryan Franz – NASA GSFC, USA
  • Cédric Jamet  – Université du Littoral, France
  • Chris Brown – NOAA, USA
  • Chuanmin Hu – Univ. South Florida, USA
  • David Antoine – Curtin University, Australia
  • Emmanuel Boss – University of Maine, USA
  • Ewa Kwiatkowska – EUMETSAT, Germany
  • Hiroshi Murakami  – JAXA, Japan
  • Hubert Loisel – Université du Littoral, France
  • Laura Lorenzoni – NASA, USA
  • Menghua Wang- NOAA, USA
  • Milton Kampel – INPE, Brazil
  • Paula Bontempi – NASA Headquarters, USA
  • Prakash Chauhan – IIRS, ISRO, India
  • SeungHyun Son – NOAA, USA
  • Stewart Bernard – CSIR, South Africa
  • Venetia Stuart – IOCCG Project Coordinator, Canada
  • Tim Malthus – CSIRO, Australia
  • Vittorio Brando – CNR, Italy
  • Seongick Cho (Chair) –  KIOST, South Korea
  • Hee-Jeong Han – KIOST, South Korea
  • Sinhae Park – KIOST, South Korea
  • SeungHyun Son – NOAA, USA
  • Cara Wilson – NOAA-NMFS, USA
  • Venetia Stuart – IOCCG Coordinator, Canada

Meeting Sponsors

KIOST Korean Institute of Ocean Science & Technology