The format of IOCS-2019 will include:

  • Invited talks by plenary speakers
  • Presentations from space agencies outlining the status of current and planned missions
  • 9 breakout workshops to address current critical issues in ocean colour science providing specific feedback to the space agencies,
  • Special session on ocean colour remote sensing in Asian waters
  • Poster sessions for participants to present their own research,
  • Tentative training events and NASA Ocean Color Science Team (OCRT) meeting to be held in conjunction with IOCS-2019

A call for Chairs for breakout workshops is issued below.  The full programme will be finalized in the coming months.

Call for IOCS-2019 Breakout Workshop Chairs

A top-down approach will be adopted for the breakout workshops.  The nine general topics listed below have been proposed by the Scientific Planning Committee to address current critical issues in ocean colour science, and to provide feedback to the space agencies. The IOCCG  invites proposals for further development of the scope of each session (talks, discussions and key messages) as well as session chairs and co-chairs.

Topics for Breakout Workshops for IOCS-2019

  1. Emerging new technologies for ocean colour research (can include lidar, polarimetry, sub-orbital approaches e.g., drones etc.)
  2. Atmospheric correction under complex/extreme environments
  3. Carbon from space
  4. Optically-complex and shallow waters (includes coastal and inland waters)
  5. (Phyto)plankton characterisation including PFTs, HABs and higher trophic levels
  6. Oceans and climate (can include global modelling, polar ecology etc.)
  7. Vicarious calibration and validation protocols (includes uncertainties, in situ data). It is proposed that the two topics (system vicarious calibration and validation) be addressed sequentially to clearly articulate the differences.
  8. High temporal (e.g., GOCI) and spatial resolution applications.
  9. Research to operations (R2O) applications – can include NRT forecasting, HABs, water quality, user requirements etc.

Research scientists are invited to submit a brief online proposal indicating how they would address one of the topics listed above.  Each proposal requires a short abstract plus a list of at least three key questions to be addressed. The anticipated outcome and the relevance to the space agencies should be defined. Each breakout session should include up to three key talks, followed by group discussions centered on the key questions. It is important that the breakout workshops are not completely filled with oral presentations. Rather, a significant amount of time should be set aside for group discussions, as well as a synthesis of the feedback that arises from these discussions.

The session Chair will serve as the primary contact and up to two co-Chairs can be proposed. In the event that more than one proposal is received for a particular session, the Scientific Planning Committee will review the proposals and may recommend consolidation, or selection of a particular session.

The deadline for proposal submission is 4 October 2018 via the online submission form below. All proposals for breakout sessions will be reviewed by the Scientific Planning Committee, and applicants will be notified by the end of November 2019 if their session has been accepted.

Breakout Session Chair Responsibilities

Breakout workshop Chairs are requested to use the community time effectively and to prepare the full session in advance.  They should identify co-Chair(s) as well as a rapporteur.  In addition, they should compile a list of key questions/focus areas, along with possible outcomes, to steer the dialogue in the intended direction.  They are responsible for contacting potential speakers for their session and informing them of the goals and the logistics of the session.

Discussions during the breakout workshops should be directed to lead towards a community consensus.  Each session Chair is expected to give a brief presentation during Plenary summarizing the outcomes of the breakout workshop.  They are also requested to submit a short write up (1-2 pages) synthesizing the discussions and highlighting the key messages to be carried forward to the space agencies. These breakout reports will be available to the space agencies, and will also be incorporated into the proceedings of the meeting.

Complete the application form below to submit a proposal to Chair one of the nine identified breakout workshops.