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TitleTopical Area
1JamesAckerUsing Oceanographic Data in Giovanni-4 and Federated Giovanni: Synergistic ScenariosOther ocean colour topics: Remotely-sensed oceanographic data applications
2ZiauddinAhmadOcean Color Retrieval Using Multiple Epsilon ValuesOther ocean colour topics: Atmospheric correction for ocean color retrievals
3RobertArnoneCharacterizing the Diurnal Changes in Coastal Bio-Optical PropertiesGeostationary ocean colour remote sensing
4YanBaiA mechanistic semi-analytical method for remotely sensing sea surface pCO2 in river-dominated coastal oceans: A case study from the East China SeaOther ocean colour topics: Remote sensing of marine carbon cycle
5WilliamBalchPredicting the Iceberg from its Tip: Resolving Integrated, Water-Column Particle Biogeochemistry Using Measurements from just the Upper Optical DepthUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
6RaymondBarlowPhytoplankton size classes for pigments and absorption: CHEMTAX versus chlorophyll a weighted coefficientsOther ocean colour topics:
7BrianBarnesDependence of satellite ocean color data products on viewing angles: A comparison between SeaWiFS, MODIS, and VIIRSUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
8TomBellRemote monitoring of giant kelp biomass and photosynthetic condition: An evaluation of the potential for the Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI) missionHyperspectral remote sensing
9MarcoBellaciccoA New Carbon-Based Algal Biomass Proxy for Photoacclimation Analysis in the Mediterranean Sea through Ocean Color DataOther ocean colour topics: Photoacclimation in the phytoplankton seasonal cycle
10MaximeBenoît-GagnéPrimary Productivity Algorithms ImplementationsOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
11NarianeBernardoAccessing the suitable spectral bands to estimate the total suspended matter in Barra Bonita reservoir (São Paulo State, Brazil)Earth observations for water quality management
12EmmaBoneA Novel Approach to Fluorescence Quantum Yield Determination in the Southern OceanOther ocean colour topics: Novel in situ fluorescence sampling with remote sensing application
13AnnaBorovikovCompleting the Feedback Loop: The Impact of Chlorophyll Assimilation of the Ocean StateOther ocean colour topics: Applications, related scienc
14EmmanuelBossThe upcoming NASA PACE missionHyperspectral remote sensing
15AstridBracherOcean color products from hyper-spectral satellite data of SCAIMACHY using Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy and coupled atmospheric-ocean radiative transfer modellingHyperspectral remote sensing
16AstridBracherSynergistic Exploitation of Hyper- and Multispectral Sentinel-Measurements to determine Phytoplankton Functional Types at Best Spatial and Temporal Resolution (SynSenPFT)Remote sensing of phytoplankton composition
17CarstenBrockmannVisualisation and Processing Support of Uncertainties in SNAP - ESA's Sentinel ToolboxUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
18JenniferBroughtonIdentification and Characterization of Water Masses Within the Columbia River Plume Using Both Traditional and Novel Statistical Analyses: Does Functional Data Analysis Improve Water Mass Classification?Hyperspectral remote sensing
19FangCaoBlending two ocean color algorithms to evaluate ultraviolet (UV) optics and photochemistry using the Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean (HICO)Applications using very high resolution satellite ocean colour data
20MagdalenaCarranzaMixed-Layer Depth and Chl-a Variability in the Southern OceanJoint use of Bio-Argo and ocean colour
21SumitChakrabortyPhotosynthetic Parameters and Bio-Optical Properties of the Phytoplankton Community in the Northern Gulf of MexicoOther ocean colour topics: Bio-optics and photosynthetic physiology of phytoplankton
22JoaquinChavesOcean color algorithm uncertainty evaluation using Monte Carlo computational methodsUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
23JongkukChoiMonitoring time-series variations in the suspended sediment distribution using GOCI around the Heuksan mud beltOther ocean colour topics: Coastal water turbidity
24JacekChowdharyCase studies for polarimetric airborne remote sensing observations of coastal waters: atmospheric correction for aerosols and thin cirrus clouds.Uncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
25EmanueleCianciaIntegration of Satellite Data and In-Situ Measurements for Coastal Water Quality Monitoring: The Ionian Sea Case StudyUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
26JavierConchaRetrieval of color producing agents in Case 2 waters using Landsat 8Earth observations for water quality management
27July AndreaCorredor AcostaCharacterization of Phytoplankton Size Structure in Central Chile Using a Remote Sensing ApproachRemote sensing of phytoplankton composition
28MayciraCosta14 years of MODIS-derived timing of spring phytoplankton bloom in the Salish Sea, Canada. Ecosystems and climate change applications
29SusanneCraigBypassing Conventional Atmospheric Correction Procedures in the Retrieval of Ocean Colour Products: A Novel Statistical ApproachOther ocean colour topics: Products
30CurtissDavisHyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean (HICO): Five Years on the International Space StationHyperspectral remote sensing
31Nataliade Moraes RudorffParticle backscattering coefficient and its relation to biogeochemical properties in the Southern Atlantic and Southeastern PacificOther ocean colour topics: Optics
32CarlosDel CastilloHybridspectral Alternative for Remote Profiling of Optical Observations for NASA Satellites (HARPOONS)Satellite instrument calibration
33MichelleDevlinImprovements to water quality monitoring through the inclusion of ocean colour products correlated with in-situ water quality gradients for the Great Barrier ReefEarth observations for water quality management
34HeidiDierssenHyperspectral HICO imagery reveals yellow fluorescing ciliate bloom in Long Island Sound, USAHyperspectral remote sensing
35AnaDogliottiUsing High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery to Detect Fine Scale Sediment Features in the Rio De La Plata Turbid WatersApplications using very high resolution satellite ocean colour data
36DavidDoxaranField measurements of the spectral particulate light backscattering coefficient in turbid coastal waters: validity of measurement corrections recommended for widely-used sensorsOther ocean colour topics: Inherent optical properties of turbid waters, particulate light backscattering
37StephanieDutkiewiczNumerical model laboratory for exploring uncertainty in satellite derived chlorophyll-aUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
38MargaretEstapaA Year-Long Record of Particulate Carbon Export And Net Primary Production From Profiling Floats In The Sargasso SeaJoint use of Bio-Argo and ocean colour
39LianFengEffects of cloud adjacency on TOA radiance and ocean color products: A statistical assessmentUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
40CedricFichotHigh-resolution remote sensing for water quality monitoring in the California Bay-DeltaEarth observations for water quality management
41ScottFreemanFull Suite of IOP measurements using an Automated Flow-through SystemOther ocean colour topics: Optics
42RobertFrouinBio-optical characteristics along the Strait of MagallanesOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
43RobertFrouinBayesian Atmospheric Correction of Ocean-Color Imagery in the Presence of Absorbing AerosolsOther ocean colour topics: Atmospheric correction of satellite ocean-color imagery
44MartíGalíA Remote Sensing Diagnostic Model for Planktonic DMSP, the Precursor of the Climate-Cooling Gas DMSEcosystems and climate change applications
45ShungudzemwoyoGarabaHyperspectral Lambertian Equivalent Reflectance from marine plasticsHyperspectral remote sensing
46SeyoumGebramariamApplication of Bio-optical Modeling tools to Remotely Sensed Data for Routine Monitoring of Water Quality Changes in drinking water reservoirs in Southern CaliforniaEarth observations for water quality management
47AnthonyGiduduChallenges to Validating MODIS Imagery for Monitoring Water Quality on Lake VictoriaEarth observations for water quality management
48MichelleGierachEvaluation of Hyperspectral Airborne PRISM Imagery in the Coastal OceanHyperspectral remote sensing
49AlexGilersonRetrieval of macro– and micro-physical properties of oceanic hydrosols from polarimetric observations and polarized sky glint correctionHyperspectral remote sensing
50DmitryGlukhovetsVariability of the seawater bio-optical properties in the near-surface layer on the transition from the Baltic to the White Sea from data of satellite and shipboard measurementsOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
51JoaquimGoesMitigating socio-economic losses from massive Noctiluca blooms along the coast of Oman using ocean color and coupled physical-biogeochemical modelingEcosystems and climate change applications
52MaximGorbunovChlorophyll fluorescence lifetimes in the ocean and phytoplankton physiology inferred from spaceEcosystems and climate change applications
53BriceGrunertRole of the in water light field and water column structure on phytoplankton composition in the eastern Bering SeaOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
54LianeGuildNASA Coast and Oceania Airborne Missions in Support of Coastal Ecosystem and Water Quality ResearchHyperspectral remote sensing
55DanielaGurlinThe use of volunteer monitoring for the development of Wisconsin’s statewide Landsat 8 water clarity productsEarth observations for water quality management
56NickHardman-MountfordIntegration of bio-optical profiling floats within an Indian Ocean biogeochemical observing system.Joint use of Bio-Argo and ocean colour
57XianqiangHeA practical method for on-orbit estimation of polarization response of satellite ocean color sensorSatellite instrument calibration
58JohnHedleyRemote Sensing of Seagrass Environments Using a Canopy Model and Uncertainty PropagationEcosystems and climate change applications
59FernandaHenderikx FreitasControls on Phytoplankton and Particle Distributions in the Santa Barbara Channel, CaliforniaOther ocean colour topics: Ocean Optics (or Applications using high resolution ocean colour data)
60ChrisHostetlerApplications of LIDAR Systems for Ocean Ecosystem ResearchOther ocean colour topics: Ocean remote sensing with lidar, ecosystems applications
61AyaHozumiSeasonal and Spatial Dynamics of Suspended Particulate Matter from the Coastal Aquaculture Plume to the Nearshore Reef in the South Central Red Sea Using In Situ Optical MeasurementsOther ocean colour topics: In situ observations of SPM variability
62AustinHudsonApplications of Remote Sensing to the Study of Estuarine Physics: Suspended Sediment Dynamics in the Columbia River EstuaryOther ocean colour topics: Combination of Remote Data and Hydrodynamic Models
63KimberlyHydeApplication of satellite derived size-fractionated primary production estimates to improve models of fisheries production potential in the Northeast US Continental Shelf Large Marine EcosystemRemote sensing of phytoplankton composition
64Thomas Jackson(presented by Frederic Melin)Utilising Optical Water Classification for Pixel-By-Pixel Assignment of Uncertainties in a Merged Ocean-Colour Product.Uncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
65CédricJametEvaluation of the diffuse attenuation coefficient Kd(lambda) algorithms in optically complex waters along the eastern Australian coastEarth observations for water quality management
66B. CarolJohnsonCalibration and Validation of a SeaPRISM radiometer for AERONET‑OCSatellite instrument calibration
67MatiKahruRegionally Optimized Merger of MODIS-Aqua and VIIRS Chlorophyll AlgorithmsEcosystems and climate change applications
68OlgaKalashnikovaChallenges of absorbing aerosols in atmospheric correction for ocean color retrievals
69MalikaKheireddineDeriving diel changes of the backscattering coefficient of oceanic particulate matter from diel changes in apparent optical properties: a case study in the Mediterranean Sea (BOUSSOLE site).Geostationary ocean colour remote sensing
70DaleKieferMonitoring the Eastern Tropical Pacific Tuna Fishery from SpaceEcosystems and climate change applications
71ChippieKislikLake Erie Water Resources: Utilizing NASA Satellite Data to Detect Harmful Algal Blooms in the Western Basin of Lake ErieEarth observations for water quality management
72DanielKnowlesApproaches to Ocean Color Studies Using SeaDASOther ocean colour topics: Applications
73OlegKopelevichSpatial and Temporal Variability of Coccolithophore Blooms in the Barents Sea from Satellite Ocean Color DataOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
74TihomirKostadinovPhytoplankton Phenology from Ocean Color Algorithms and Earth System ModelsRemote sensing of phytoplankton composition
75TarronLamontRemotely-sensed phytoplankton size structure around Southern AfricaRemote sensing of phytoplankton composition
76VeronicaLanceDedicated NOAA/VIIRS Ocean Color Calibration/Validation Cruise: Cruise objectives and scope of observationsOther ocean colour topics: In situ observations for validation and uncertainty characterizations
77SamanthaLavenderAn Ensemble Approach to Atmospheric Correction Over Optically Complex WatersUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
78HeloiseLavigneImpact of the Oceanic Circulation on the Phytoplankton Phenology: A Case Study in the Ionian SeaEcosystems and climate change applications
79ChengfengLePredicting hypoxia with MODIS/Aqua observed Mississippi River plume dynamics on the Louisiana continental shelfEarth observations for water quality management
80ZhongpingLeeSecchi Disk Depth: Theoretical interpretation of the most common water quality productEarth observations for water quality management
81KateLewisRegional chlorophyll-a algorithms in the Arctic Ocean and their effect on NPP estimatesOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
82LinhaiLiRemote Sensing of Freshwater Cyanobacteria: Focus on Estimating Low Concentration of PhycocyaninEarth observations for water quality management
83Soo ChinLiewUncertainty Estimates in the Retrieval of Water Depth and Turbidity in Turbid Coastal Waters Using Very High Resolution Satellites DataUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
84StevenLohrenzBiogeochemical Characterization of Optically Complex Coastal Waters Using Underway and In Situ Hyperspectral ObservationsHyperspectral remote sensing
85HubertLoiselSuspended particulate matter variability of the global coastal waters
over the MERIS time period
Earth observations for water quality management
86HubertLoiselImpact of the temporal binning algorithm on ocean color products: application to the SeaWiFS time periodUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
87JennyLovellChlorophyll-a Seasonal Variability in Australian WatersEcosystems and climate change applications
88YingchengLuAn alternative approach to determine critical angle of contrast reversal and surface roughness of natural oil slicks under sun glintOther ocean colour topics: Oil slicks optical remote sensing
89AntonioManninoOptimization of Instrument Requirements for NASA’S Geostationary Coastal And Air Pollution Events Mission Concept Based on Sensor Capability and Cost StudiesGeostationary ocean colour remote sensing
90AntonioManninoArctic-COLORS - Coastal Land Ocean Interactions in the ArcticOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
91StéphaneMaritorenaOcean Color Data Records with Uncertainties for NASA MEaSUREsOther ocean colour topics: New Products , Earth Science Data Records and uncertainties
92ConstantMazeranPushing the limits of atmospheric correction over very turbid watersOther ocean colour topics: Algorithm for coastal waters
93MorgaineMcKibbenMerging glider and ocean color data to accurately estimate phytoplankton biomass in Oregon’s coastal watersUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
94LachlanMcKinnaA Raman Scattering Correction Algorithm for Operational Ocean-Color Data ProcessingOther ocean colour topics: Ocean-color data processing / marine optics
95FredericMelinUncertainty Estimates for Remote Sensing Reflectance Derived from the Comparison Between MissionsUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
96KarlisMikelsonsDestriping Algorithm for Improved Satellite-Derived Ocean Color Product ImageryOther ocean colour topics: Satellite imagery algorithms and new or improved imagery derived data products
97BrianMitchellInterdisciplinary Coordinated Experiment of The Southern Ocean Carbon Cycle (ICESOCC) – A Field Campaign Scoping ProjectOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
98CatherineMitchellValidation of the VIIRS Particulate Inorganic Carbon AlgorithmOther ocean colour topics: Ocean Colour Algorithm Evaluation
99CurtisMobleyImproved Sea Surface Reflectance Calculations Using Fully Resolved Sea Surfaces and Polarized Ray TracingUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
100TiffanyMoisanAlgorithm Development for Predicting Biodiversity Based on Phytoplankton Hyperspectral AbsorptionRemote sensing of phytoplankton composition
101GeorgiiMoiseenkoThe remote sensing reflectance empirical orthogonal functions for marginal Seas of the North PacificEcosystems and climate change applications
102MartinMontesInfluence of weather patterns on stocks and fluxes of suspended particulate matter in the Saint Lawrence Estuary: a story based on MODIS-Aqua measurementsEcosystems and climate change applications
103TimMooreEvolution of optical signatures in western Lake Erie as related to HAB formation and senescenceEarth observations for water quality management
104WesleyMosesA Remote Sensing Perspective on Spatial Scales of Variation in Biogeophysical Properties of WaterApplications using very high resolution satellite ocean colour data
105ColleenMouwPhytoplankton Size Impact on Export Flux in the Global OceanRemote sensing of phytoplankton composition
106SudhirNadigaNeural Network Technique for Gap-Filling of Satellite Ocean Color Observations for Use in Numerical ModelingOther ocean colour topics: Gap_filling of satellite Ocean Color Fields
107PuneetaNaikBering Sea Optical and Biological Properties from MODIS-AquaOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
108AimeeNeeleyA report from a community-lead spectral absorption workshop to update the NASA Inherent Optical Properties Protocol for measuring particle absorptionOther ocean colour topics: Particle absorption protocols and uncertatinties
109AimeeNeeleyEvaluation of Bio-Optical Models for Discriminating Phytoplankton Functional Types in the Chukchi SeaRemote sensing of phytoplankton composition
110GrietNeukermansLight and life beneath sea ice in Baffin Bay: transmission of sunlight through sea ice and influence on the phytoplankton spring bloomOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
111MichaelNovakProtocols for the Measurement of CDOM Absorption Using Different Technologies and Techniques: Results from the Third NASA CDOM Workshop Round RobinOther ocean colour topics: Protocol development
112AnouckOdyAssessing the spatial and temporal dynamics of suspended particles in the Rhône River plume based on high resolution ocean colour satellite data.Applications using very high resolution satellite ocean colour data
113RobertO'MalleyThe Probability Mapping Index and Ocean Color DataOther ocean colour topics: Related science
114EmanueleOrganelliRadiometric Measurements by Bio-Argo Floats as a Resource for Bio-Optical Product ValidationJoint use of Bio-Argo and ocean colour
115NimaPahlevanOptimizing Longitude Location for the Geo-Cape Mission: A Spatio-Temporal Radiometric AnalysisGeostationary ocean colour remote sensing
116SherryPalaciosBringing the Ocean into Finer Focus at the Land-Sea Interface through the NASA COAST, OCEANIA, and HyspIRI Suborbital MissionsHyperspectral remote sensing
117FengPengSingle-Particle Optics Approach in Studying Inherent Optical Properties of Mineral Particles and Optical Variability of Aquatic SystemsOther ocean colour topics: Forward problem and optical closure in hydrologic optics
118CécilePeschoudStudy of the Complementarity and the Fusion of the Images that will be Provided by the Future Satellite Sensors OLCI/Sentinel-3 and FCI/Meteosat Third GenerationGeostationary ocean colour remote sensing
119ChrisProctorThe SeaBASS Validation System: Redesigned tools and online resources for ocean color satellite match-upsRemote sensing of phytoplankton composition
120LinQiVIIRS observations of a Karenia brevis bloom in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico in the absence of a fluorescence bandEarth observations for water quality management
121DidierRamonRadiative Transfer accurate tool for Ocean ColourOther ocean colour topics: Radiative Transfer tool for Ocean colour
122SophieRenautTemporal variability of Arctic ice-edge blooms in a period of declining ice coverOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
123LiisaRohtlaThe remote sensing estimation of shallow water optical properties and application to the habitat mapping.Earth observations for water quality management
124CecileRousseauxRecent decadal trends in global phytoplankton compositionRemote sensing of phytoplankton composition
125KevinRuddickPan-sharpening to improve spatial resolution of optical remote sensing with examples from SEVIRI (3km/1km), Landsat-8 (30m/15m) and Pléiades (2m/70cm)Applications using very high resolution satellite ocean colour data
126M.S.SalamaUncertainties of Sentinel-3-OLCI Ocean Colour Products: Simulation based on APEX AcquisitionsUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
127PavelSaliukThe problems of estimation of bioproductivity in the Russian Eastern Arctic by the remote sensing methodsOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
128VioletaSanjuan CalzadoThe Radiometric Processing Software (RPS) tool: Algorithm, data protocol and merging for hyperspectral free falling radiometersSatellite instrument calibration
129RaphaëlleSauzèdeExtending Surface Bio-Optical Properties to Depth: A Neural Network for Merging Ocean Color and Argo DataJoint use of Bio-Argo and ocean colour
130Mike Sayers(presented by Robert Shuchman)Satellite Derived Primary Productivity Estimates for Lake MichiganOther ocean colour topics: Great Lakes Primary Production/Carbon Monitoring
131WeiShiDecadal Changes of Water Properties in the Aral Sea Observed by MODIS-AquaEarth observations for water quality management
132SergioSignoriniPreliminary Assessment of Satellite Spatial Resolution Required to Capture Spatial Dynamics of Phytoplankton and CDOM across Estuaries and Adjacent Coastal OceanUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
133GregSilsbeThe CAFE Model: A Next-Generation Net Primary Production ModelOther ocean colour topics: Net Primary Production
134MarieSmithOptical water type persistence in South African coastal waters from ten years of MERIS dataOther ocean colour topics: Optical water type classification
135SeunghyunSonDiffuse attenuation coefficient of the photosynthetically available radiation Kd(PAR) for global open ocean and coastal watersGeostationary ocean colour remote sensing
136SeunghyunSonSeasonal and Interannual Variations in Water Optical and Biogeochemical Properties Measured by the Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI)Other ocean colour topics: New data products
137HeidiSosikSeasonal Anomalies as Proxies for Phytoplankton Community Response to Climate Trends on a Temperate Continental ShelfEcosystems and climate change applications
138KnutStamnesInferring Inherent Optical Properties and Ocean Impurity Profiles from Apparent Optical PropertiesOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
139FrançoisSteinmetzConsistency analysis of ocean color products at high latitudesOcean colour remote sensing in high-latitude seas
140IgorStepochkinElaboration of procedure for ocean water main primary features concentrations retrieval from ocean color remote sensing dataRemote sensing of phytoplankton composition
141JacquesStumNear Real Time Operational Chlorophyll Maps Calculation for Marine ApplicationsOther ocean colour topics: Near real time operational chlorophyll maps calculation for marine applciations
142JunqiangSunVIIRS Reflective Solar Bands Calibration Improvements with Hybrid ApproachSatellite instrument calibration
143CrystalThomasUpdating The HPLC and Fluorometric Pigment Analysis ProtocolsOther ocean colour topics: Protocol development-pigments
144Juan LTorres-PérezHuman Impacts to Coastal Ecosystems in Puerto Rico (HICE-PR): The Guánica and Manatí Watersheds in Puerto RicoCoastal and inland water studies
145NicholasTufillaroImpacts of Population Growth on the San Francisco Bay and Delta Ecosystem (SFE)Other ocean colour topics: Remote Sensing of the San Francsico Bay
146MariaTzortziouSatellite Ocean Colour Observations from NASA's PACE Mission: Applications and Societal BenefitsEarth observations for water quality management
147MariaTzortziouInland and Coastal Water Applications of Ocean Colour Observations from a Geostationary OrbitEcosystems and climate change applications
148RyanVandermeulenEnhanced Satellite Remote Sensing of Coastal Waters Using Spatially Improved Bio-Optical Products from SNPP-VIIRSOther ocean colour topics: New data products
149QuintenVanhellemontApplications of (very) high resolution optical satellite data in coastal watersApplications using very high resolution satellite ocean colour data
150GianlucaVolpeThe West Mediterranean BioOptics Cruise SeriesOther ocean colour topics: Bio-optical in situ observations
151MenghuaWangVIIRS Ocean Color ProductsRemote sensing of phytoplankton composition
152JianweiWeiAn Empirical Approach for Quality Screening of The Satellite Ocean Color DataUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
153SamuelWilsonA Moored Description of the Annual Spring Bloom in the Northwest Mediterranean SeaEcosystems and climate change applications
154CaraWilsonInterannual and Intersensor Chlorophyll variability at Península Valdés, ArgentinaEcosystems and climate change applications
155BanghuaYanNOAA Okeanos Ocean Color Operational Product System: Status and ProspectiveOther ocean colour topics:
156PengwangZhaiAssessing the Uncertainty of the Ocean Water Bidirectional Reflectance ModelUncertainty estimates in ocean colour remote sensing data and products
157MinweiZhangApplication of AISA measurements for water quality and benthic habitat mapping in optically shallow waters: challenges in radiometric calibration and atmospheric correctionApplications using very high resolution satellite ocean colour data
158HuaguoZhangA method for mapping submarine sand waves using multi-angle optical sun glitter remote sensing imagesHyperspectral remote sensing
159GuangmingZhengDissociated absorption coefficients of phytoplankton, non-algal particles, and dissolved organic matter in the Chesapeake Bay obtained from MODIS dataEarth observations for water quality management
160Maria LauraZoffoliPhytoplankton Phenology in Tropical Environments: Examples Along the Southwestern Atlantic Coast (Brazil)Other ocean colour topics: Remote sensing of coastal environments