IOCS-2023 Application for Breakout Workshop Chairs

You are invited to submit a brief proposal with a specific topic within one of the below themes, highlighting the scope and goals of the breakout workshop, and how you plan to structure the session. Each proposal requires a short abstract plus a list of up to three key questions to be addressed. The anticipated outcome and relevance to the space agencies, ocean colour community or the IOCCG should also be defined. Each breakout session should include up to three brief key talks, followed by group discussions centred on the key questions. It is important that the breakout workshops are not completely filled with oral presentations, to allow for group discussions and synthesis of feedback that arise from these discussions. Please include a draft schedule/format for session organisation with your submission. The session Chair will serve as the primary contact and up to two Co-Chairs can also be proposed. In the event that more than one proposal is received for the same topic, the Scientific Planning Committee will review the proposals and may recommend either consolidation, or selection of one particular proposal. Note: Chairs and Co-Chairs should not have their names on more than one proposal.
  • In 500 words or less, describe the scope and goals of this workshop and how you plan to address them.
  • Please provide up to 3 key questions to be discussed during the workshop, along with possible outcomes.
  • Outline of session (list speaker 1, speaker 2 etc. if not yet identified).